Rev. Katy A. H. Fast, Pastor


Pastor Katy Fast

I, Katrina Harder, was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Both of my grandfathers were pastors – one Mennonite and the other Lutheran, and I grew up enmeshed in the life of the church. I was baptized by my Grandpa Lindberg in the Lutheran church and raised in the ELCA. My parents raised my brother Ron and I in a life of service and faithfulness to God and our neighbor. My mother, Rosie, a nurse, taught our Sunday school classes growing up and passed along a love for studying God's word and a heart for Christian education. My father, Richard, a wood and metal worker by trade, has passed along a passion for mission and outreach to me. When I was in high school he led our youth group on mission trips to Mexico and Biloxi (post-hurricane) that were eye-opening and inspiring. I grew up influenced by a great many family members – grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins – many of whom still live in Kansas and whom I love to visit! I deeply value time and relationships with family and hope to share more stories about my loved ones with you in the future.  

Willie E. Hobbs


Office Administrator

 I came to Florida from Colorado after living there from 33 years. I was born in Louisiana, grew up in Texas and moved to Colorado to go into the Air Force. After the Air Force, I stayed in the area and lived in Denver. In 2013, I was motivated to move to Florida and to this point, I've been an employee at St. Mark since that time. I am an avid amateur gardener and I very much live to cook for friends and family. 

Music Director and Cantor


Cheryl A. Burton

Cheryl has lived in Clearwater since the 3rd grade. Graduated from Clearwater High school and attended Campbell College in North Carolina majoring in music. She has served numerous churches in the Tampa Bay area as soloist, accompanist, organist, and conductor. January 30th of 2017 she started her 22nd year at St. Mark as the Music Director and Cantor. Cheryl helps the congregation praise God by adding the element of music to the worship service. She is the director of the handbell choir which is an integral part of the worship experience for congregants.

Her primary job is with Myrtle Avenue Pediatrics where she has been employed for 53 years. She also teaches piano to bring the joy of music to a younger generation.  

Charles James (Jim) Boyter


Property Steward

Jim Boyter is St. Mark's property steward of many talents. He is an engineer by profession now retired. Jim is a part time employee responsible for general maintenance of the campus (school excepted). His skills allow him to do the general plumbing, electrical and mechanical work necessary to keep St. Mark looking good and running well. 

Beverly Entwisle


Property Steward

Beverly Entwisle is a part time employee is responsible for a number of the common areas.

Regina Hickey



My life started out as one of seven girls in Braddock, Pennsylvania (outside of Pittsburgh). After graduating high school I worked as a Secretary/Bookkeeper. I’ve worked in various businesses such as insurance, accounting, advertising, costume shop, and two churches after moving to Ocala, Florida in 2009. I’ve also volunteered with my Catholic church as a Religious Education teacher, Lector, Eucharistic Minister, and helping in the office when needed.   I have three wonderful children, my daughter Regina and two sons Ronald and Raymond and four granddaughters, one grandson and one great-grandson. I moved to Clearwater in January 2016 to be closer to my daughter who lives in Dunedin. I’m grateful to Pastor Katy and Church Council for allowing me the opportunity to work here at St. Mark. I look forward to meeting the members of your congregation.     

St. Mark Church Leasdership

During St. Mark’s Annual Congregation Meeting on January 28, 2018, two new council members were re-elected; Helen Henwood and Connie Feig; and one new member was added: Debbie Woodard. At the February 13, 2018 council meeting, officers were elected. You are always welcome to talk with any council member about a specific interest or issue. 

Church Council Officers and Members

President - Helen Henwood

Vice President - Tim Langenback

Secretary of Record - Pete Horvath

Treasurer - Ken Chernes

Connie Feig

Steve Miller

Susie Peterson

Debbie Woodard

Pastor Katy Fast